Requirements to publications in the journal “Lokomotiv”

The articles supposed to publication in the journal should correspond to it’s profile. The articles that do not meet the profile of the journal, the editors will not consider. Manuscripts will not be returned. At a reprint the reference to the journal is required. The editors do not always coincide with the authors point of view.

The editorial Board of the journal "Lokomotiv" accepts articles for publication on paper and (or) on electronic media or via e-mail after prior agreement. Articles submitted without prior approval, will be reviewed within one month. In addition to the article, the author should submit the review with the person's full name, scientific degree, place of work and contact details of the reviewer. In the absence of review, the editorial Board sends the article to the opinion of the professional profile of this material from the list of reviewers of the journal.

The author must indicate his name, affiliation, position, contact details, academic degree and title. Graduate students and doctoral students are published free of charge. The text of the article with an abstract, keywords, bibliography, graphs, figures and tables should be submitted in the file format *.doc or *.rtf without hyphenation. Each name in the list of references should be in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.1 "Bibliographic description of the document". In the text, references to sources are given in square brackets in accordance with the numbering in the bibliography. The article title, abstract, keywords and references should be duplicated in English.

Approximate volume of the manuscript shouldn’t exceed 14 – 16 pages (depending on the issue's significance), typed in Times New Roman size 14 and margins: 2 cm top and bottom, 3 cm left and 1.5 cm on the right. The tables that contain only the text and figures should be made in MS Word or Ms Excel, charts, and diagrams in MS Visio, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint *.ppt and applied separately. Complex formulas should be typed in the built-in equation editor of MS Word. Figure captions should be placed after the text of the article.

Drawings can be inserted into the article, but must also be submitted as separate files in formats *.tif, *.jpg, *.ppt, (for black / white and color line art, for example, graphs, charts, diagrams, etc.) and *.tif or *.jpg (for color and black-and-white photos). While the picture resolution must be at least 300 dpi (dots per square inch) for photos and 600 dpi for scanned bar originals. Files of format *.jpg should be prepared with the least possible level of compression (maximum quality, not less than 1.5 MB).

The accepted for publication article after editing is sent to the author for approval by e-mail as a file in the format *.pdf (layout) or *.doc. The comments and corrections, if necessary, he makes by highlighting, in the file format *.doc, or is a separate list (to the file in the format *.pdf) and within three working days sends them to the editor by e-mail, phone or in personal appearance.